Bochsa, Nicholas Charles (1789-1856)
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United States 50.8%United StatesUnited Kingdom 2.6%United KingdomCanada 1.1%CanadaPoland 0.7%PolandMexico 0.5%MexicoLithuania 0.3%Lithuania
Germany 15.7%GermanyRepublic Of Korea 2.5%Republic Of KoreaNetherlands 0.9%NetherlandsNorway 0.6%NorwayHong Kong 0.4%Hong KongHungary 0.2%Hungary
Italy 3%ItalyAustria 1.8%AustriaSwitzerland 0.9%SwitzerlandBelgium 0.6%BelgiumChile 0.3%ChileCzech Republic 0.2%Czech Republic
France 2.7%FranceRussian Federation 1.3%Russian FederationAustralia 0.9%AustraliaUkraine 0.5%UkraineSlovakia 0.3%SlovakiaSweden 0.2%Sweden
Japan 2.6%JapanSpain 1.3%SpainBrazil 0.8%BrazilRomania 0.5%RomaniaDenmark 0.3%DenmarkGreece 0.2%Greece
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