Zeitlin, Denny
heute: 43
gestern: 52
diese Woche: 594
letzte Woche: 549
dieser Monat: 1262
letzter Monat: 702
Total: 32637

United States 65.6%United StatesUnited Kingdom 1.8%United KingdomRomania 0.8%RomaniaArmenia 0.5%ArmeniaRussian Federation 0.4%Russian FederationHong Kong 0.2%Hong Kong
Germany 9.3%GermanyItaly 1.7%ItalySpain 0.8%SpainBrazil 0.5%BrazilIreland 0.4%IrelandSerbia 0.2%Serbia
Netherlands 2.3%NetherlandsAustria 1.5%AustriaCanada 0.7%CanadaSlovakia 0.4%SlovakiaPortugal 0.3%PortugalCzech Republic 0.2%Czech Republic
France 2.3%FranceRepublic Of Korea 1.1%Republic Of KoreaSwitzerland 0.6%SwitzerlandPoland 0.4%PolandAustralia 0.2%AustraliaGreece 0.2%Greece
China 2%ChinaJapan 1%JapanBelgium 0.6%BelgiumTaiwan 0.4%TaiwanArgentina 0.2%ArgentinaTurkey 0.2%Turkey
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This Pianoimprovisation of Denny Zeitlin has been transcribed by myself. The realisation of this transkription is authorized by Denny Zeitlin himself. "Country Fair" 

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