Vocal music (small ensembles)
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United States 25.7%United StatesJapan 4.1%JapanDenmark 1.6%DenmarkBrazil 1.1%BrazilPoland 0.9%PolandHong Kong 0.7%Hong Kong
Germany 21.2%GermanyItaly 3.5%ItalyTaiwan 1.5%TaiwanCanada 1.1%CanadaSlovakia 0.9%SlovakiaAustria 0.7%Austria
United Kingdom 4.6%United KingdomSpain 3.1%SpainAustralia 1.5%AustraliaBelgium 1.1%BelgiumEuropean Union 0.7%European UnionHungary 0.5%Hungary
Republic Of Korea 4.3%Republic Of KoreaChina 2.2%ChinaNetherlands 1.3%NetherlandsMexico 1.1%MexicoRomania 0.7%RomaniaChile 0.5%Chile
France 4.3%FranceArgentina 1.6%ArgentinaSwitzerland 1.3%SwitzerlandRussian Federation 0.9%Russian FederationUkraine 0.7%UkraineNorway 0.5%Norway
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