The Idea of Klassik-resampled
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"We must expect great innovations to transform the entire technique of the arts, thereby affecting artistic invention itself and perhaps even bringing about an amazing change in our very notion of art.”

Paul Valéry, Pièces sur L’Art, Le Conquete de l’ubiquite


1) Productionsteps of the digital Interpretation

  • production steps of the digital interpretation:
    production steps of the digital interpretation:
  • 1. digital transcription
    1. digital transcription
  • 2. digital score
    2. digital score
  • 3. setup the digital ensemble/orchestra
    3. setup the digital ensemble/orchestra
  • 4. Setup of the room-acoustics
    4. Setup of the room-acoustics
  • 5. digital interpretation of each single voice/track
    5. digital interpretation of each single voice/track
  • 6. producing the audiofile
    6. producing the audiofile

2) Interpretation of musical Ideas by reconstructing detailed sonic nuances...

The late 18th century and the following 19th century experienced an unexpected rich development of piano music, not at least due to the fact that the new differenciation of the key velocity at the Pianoforte provided for keyboard music an until then hardly achievable dynamic flexibility. To an even more dramatic extent the digitalization of sound recording and reproducing provided the digital artists a hitherto completely unexpected wealth of options to shape the musical interpretation of musical thoughts.
With best instruments, most accomplished instrumentalists and sound engineers the Producers of high developed sample libraries try to capture all possible nuance of traditional instruments in thousands in millions of individual recordings and make them available digitally. In doing this they keep cultural achievements from the time of musical craftsmanship available for the musical language of our digital present and future.


Klassik-resampled tries to use the options as musically meaningful as it is possible to keep the rich heritage of our classical tradition alive in the digital age.  Exclusively produced with "digital audio workstation" and the most advanced available sample libraries Klassik-resampled presents thousands of recordings with a large variety of musical Ideas and Topics from our classical tradition.

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3) Digital virtuosity of musical interpretation...

The traditional virtuoso command his instrument in a manner that allows an interpretation of the ultimate possible sophistication and musical density. As they change with new and larger Repertoire the challenges of musical interpretation change also with the new technical abilities of new instruments.
Just as the repertoire, techniques and instruments of Chopin or Liszt are far away for instance from the keyboard-virtuosity of the 200-year older Girolamo Frescobaldi, there is likewise no need to limit the interpreation of music from our classical tradition in the 21th century to the concepts of musical virtuosity in the boundaries of musical craftsmanship of the 19th century.

Klassik-resampled does not pretend any kind of objectiv or mechanical perfection in the interpretation of our traditional repertoire. It explores the opportunities of a virtuos use of our contemporary digital instruments for the interpretation of music from our classical tradition, aswell in the musical detail as in its creative context of its musical thinking trying to make the music produced with them a human musical speech as dense and rich it is ever possible for me, for instance in several complete recordings of traditional repertoire.

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4) New horizons of the classical repertoire...

The boundaries of the repertoire are the limits of its interpreters and its presentation form. As long as the performance of a composition depends of the hearduous path of its traditional exercise and performance, it is understandable that such music business remains limited to a comparable small repertoire.

But in fact, "great" composers are not always that much greater and less known masters not always that less significant, as it seems in respect to the fact how much they are performed on the concert stages of the world.

Thus the introduction of the record and music recording has therefore already caused a remarkable extension of the familiar repertoire.


Klassik-resampled takes the advantage to produce and comunicate music, their sources and their realizations digitally to consequently enrich the horizon of the musical repertoire with many new first-recordings.

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