Clavier-Übung IV
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United States 66.5%United StatesRepublic Of Korea 1.6%Republic Of KoreaTaiwan 0.7%TaiwanMexico 0.3%MexicoSwitzerland 0.3%SwitzerlandChile 0.2%Chile
Germany 10.6%GermanyItaly 1.5%ItalyAustria 0.6%AustriaHong Kong 0.3%Hong KongHungary 0.3%HungaryPortugal 0.2%Portugal
Japan 2.6%JapanCanada 1.5%CanadaBelgium 0.4%BelgiumBrazil 0.3%BrazilGreece 0.3%GreeceVenezuela 0.1%Venezuela
France 2.1%FranceNetherlands 1.5%NetherlandsSpain 0.4%SpainSyrian Arab Republic 0.3%Syrian Arab RepublicUkraine 0.2%UkraineIreland 0.1%Ireland
United Kingdom 1.7%United KingdomRussian Federation 0.9%Russian FederationDenmark 0.4%DenmarkPoland 0.3%PolandIsrael 0.2%Israel 0.1%
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(recorded with a Pigalle Cembalo 1771, detailed sampled by Realsamples)

0 # comentariomauricio monsalve 2015-06-05 02:49
Una obra que no he dejado de oir.
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