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United States 58.4%United StatesNetherlands 2.1%NetherlandsSpain 0.9%SpainAustralia 0.4%AustraliaPoland 0.3%PolandColombia 0.2%Colombia
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Japan 3.5%JapanCanada 1.8%CanadaTaiwan 0.6%TaiwanHungary 0.4%HungaryMalaysia 0.3%MalaysiaIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.1%Islamic Republic Of Iran
France 2.8%FranceItaly 1.7%ItalyDenmark 0.6%DenmarkSwitzerland 0.4%SwitzerlandAustria 0.2%AustriaBrazil 0.1%Brazil
United Kingdom 2.5%United KingdomRussian Federation 1.1%Russian FederationBelgium 0.4%BelgiumGreece 0.3%GreeceSlovakia 0.2%SlovakiaIreland 0.1%Ireland
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