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United States 47.5%United StatesChina 2.7%ChinaAustria 1.3%AustriaBrazil 0.7%BrazilTurkey 0.4%TurkeyChile 0.3%Chile
Germany 11.8%GermanyCanada 2.4%CanadaRussian Federation 1.2%Russian FederationAustralia 0.6%AustraliaDenmark 0.4%DenmarkIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.3%Islamic Republic Of Iran
United Kingdom 5.4%United KingdomNetherlands 2.3%NetherlandsSwitzerland 1%SwitzerlandGreece 0.6%GreeceIreland 0.3%IrelandNew Zealand 0.3%New Zealand
France 3.6%FranceItaly 2.2%ItalyUkraine 1%UkraineMexico 0.6%MexicoHungary 0.3%HungaryCzech Republic 0.3%Czech Republic
Japan 3.1%JapanSpain 2%SpainBelgium 1%BelgiumRepublic Of Korea 0.6%Republic Of KoreaSlovenia 0.3%SloveniaHong Kong 0.3%Hong Kong
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