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United States 60.4%United StatesChina 1.7%ChinaRussian Federation 1.1%Russian FederationFinland 0.5%FinlandBelgium 0.3%BelgiumChile 0.2%Chile
Germany 11.3%GermanyRepublic Of Korea 1.6%Republic Of KoreaNetherlands 0.8%NetherlandsTurkey 0.4%TurkeyAustralia 0.3%AustraliaSwitzerland 0.2%Switzerland
United Kingdom 3.1%United KingdomCanada 1.6%CanadaPoland 0.7%PolandMexico 0.4%MexicoSerbia 0.3%SerbiaAustria 0.2%Austria
France 2.6%FranceJapan 1.5%JapanRomania 0.7%RomaniaTaiwan 0.4%TaiwanIreland 0.3%IrelandIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.2%Islamic Republic Of Iran
Italy 2.2%ItalySpain 1.2%SpainBrazil 0.7%BrazilEuropean Union 0.3%European UnionArgentina 0.3%ArgentinaSweden 0.2%Sweden
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