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United States 78.4%United StatesJapan 1.1%JapanAustria 0.7%AustriaBelgium 0.3%BelgiumGreece 0.2%GreeceHong Kong 0.1%Hong Kong
Germany 4.8%GermanyNetherlands 0.9%NetherlandsRussian Federation 0.7%Russian FederationTaiwan 0.3%TaiwanSingapore 0.2%SingaporeArgentina 0.1%Argentina
United Kingdom 2.1%United KingdomItaly 0.9%ItalyAustralia 0.4%AustraliaSwitzerland 0.2%SwitzerlandIsrael 0.1%IsraelSlovakia 0.1%Slovakia
France 1.5%FranceRepublic Of Korea 0.8%Republic Of KoreaBrazil 0.4%BrazilMexico 0.2%MexicoSweden 0.1%SwedenIreland 0.1%Ireland
China 1.5%ChinaCanada 0.7%CanadaSpain 0.3%SpainDenmark 0.2%DenmarkPoland 0.1%PolandIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.1%Islamic Republic Of Iran
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