Canons & Fugen Bd. 2
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United States 38.8%United StatesChina 3.8%ChinaCanada 1.9%CanadaIslamic Republic Of Iran 0.8%Islamic Republic Of IranHungary 0.6%HungaryMexico 0.4%Mexico
Germany 14.4%GermanyJapan 3.2%JapanRepublic Of Korea 1.7%Republic Of KoreaCzech Republic 0.8%Czech RepublicBelgium 0.4%BelgiumTaiwan 0.4%Taiwan
France 4.8%FranceNetherlands 2.4%NetherlandsSpain 1.4%SpainArgentina 0.8%ArgentinaBrazil 0.4%BrazilTurkey 0.3%Turkey
Italy 4.6%ItalyAustria 2.4%AustriaPoland 0.8%PolandRussian Federation 0.8%Russian FederationChile 0.4%ChileFinland 0.3%Finland
United Kingdom 4.5%United KingdomAustralia 1.9%AustraliaSwitzerland 0.8%SwitzerlandPortugal 0.6%PortugalMalaysia 0.4%MalaysiaSlovakia 0.3%Slovakia
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